Looks are Everything

We hate to sound shallow, but at AVJ PrintStudio – looks are everything. When the success of your business is concerned, having a great personality just isn’t enough. The visual representation of your business has a lasting impression on your prospects and customers, and since it is the first thing they see – getting it right is essential to your brand equity.

Since 90% of businesses say their industry has become more competitive in the last three years – ensuring your business looks the part is essential. It reflects who you are and is key to being the number-one choice in your industry. Fortunately, our team at AVJ PrintStudio knows a thing or two about lookin’ the part.

We do things the northern way and pride ourselves on our honesty and reliability. We never pretend to be something we are not, which is why for more than 18 years, our loyal customers have trusted us with high-quality print.

Four Reasons Why Businesses Choose AVJ PrintStudio


The Only Sustainable Print Company
that is Quick and Quality

Our revolutionary Thinking Green solution ensures minimal environmental impact without compromising the speed and quality of your printed projects. To help you showcase your dedication to sustainability, you’ll also receive an AVJ Green Thinking Certificate for choosing green products for your printed media. Not only does our partnership help you reduce your carbon footprint, but it shows your customers that you care about the planet.


No Middle Men
(or Women)

Most print agencies hand you to a sales manager to complete your inquiry, which means drawn-out communication, in-direct responses, and delayed deadlines. At AVJ, we understand that communication is key to a successful project, so we assign our customers their own designer for a cost-effective, time-saving strategy. You can address any challenges directly with your designer, ensuring your needs are met efficiently.


Trusted For Over 18 Years

There’s a reason why we’ve had many of the same customers for over 18 years. Our record of delivering high-quality print is why thousands of businesses have trusted us to complete their project. We’re reliable, honest, and never let you down. 

Check out what some of our loyal customers think of us here.


Friendly Northern Team Who Care

Call us old school, but nothing beats some friendly chatter! As the world becomes consumed by AI and soulless automation – AVJ is proud to continue providing a personalised northern touch from a team who cares. We always deliver our promise, own up to our mistakes (we’re only human, after all!), and put things right as quickly as possible. Our customers are like family, so we do everything possible to ensure they stick around.

Your Pioneering Partners for Sustainable Print

At AVJ PrintStudio, we are committed to protecting the planet through various sustainable practices. It’s our responsibility to take care of the environment, and we take it seriously. For this reason, we launched our Thinking Green sustainable solution for businesses ready to step into 21st-century printing and promote sustainability in their industry.

By partnering with AVJ PrintStudio, you’ll receive high-quality print and design from a friendly team and demonstrate to your customers that you care about the planet.

Giving Back

Running a print agency comes with its challenges – for us here at AVJ PrintStudio – our mission is to help businesses propel their vision into print to be proud of, but this can come at a cost to the planet. Our goal is to help companies to thrive while giving back and reducing our impact as much as possible.  For this reason, AVJ is proudly a part of the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture scheme. For every pack of paper we purchase, 2p goes directly to the trust, and 3p helps protect and restore ancient woodlands.

As a company, we value our community and the people who make it unique. We donate excess paper and cardboard to local nurseries and schools to demonstrate our dedication. This not only helps us reduce waste but also positively impacts our community.