Just as we’re getting rid of one c-word, another pops up!

As annoying as it can be, us hospitality folk know that consumers typically start to book their Christmas events as early as late spring. But a few obvious things have meant that’s been slightly delayed this year.

Christmas booking enquiries are now hotting up as everyone starts to look forward. So, if you’re not Christmas party promo ready yet, now is the time to start making a fuss.

At AVJ Design, we’ve been supported the hospitality trade with top quality menu design and printing for the last 15 years. It’s our thing. And we love it.

Our specialist in-house designers are on hand to bring your Christmas menu and brochure ideas to life with impressive design, or provide you with creative ideas if you’re looking for a bit of inspo (we’re full of ‘em).

Not only that, we’re also full of expert print knowledge so can guide you on the printing bit too. Saving you hassle and money. That’s right, we design it, print it and deliver it all under one roof!


Now is the time to start planning for the party of the year!
Give us a call on 01772 780 790 and let’s ‘av a chat.