With food outlets and retail due to open in the coming weeks hygiene with be at the forefront of all of our minds while visiting food venues.

we are introducing this great cutlery dispenser, which is so easy to use with no trays or levers, customers only need to get the cutlery they’ll use which reduces the spread of germs and assures clean cutlery. The dispenser is more eco­ friendly compared  to individually wrapped cutlery. By using bagged and stacked cutlery, film waste and case size can be reduced dramatically. Based on internal testing, this can result in the elimination of up to 88 pounds of film per 100 cases and a 50% reduction in a corrugated packaging!

  • Customer convenience
  • Hygienic
  • Efficient dispensing
  • High Quality construction
  • Low Maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Modular components
  • Wall mount, table top, floor stand (optional) Compact Footprint
  • Eco-friendly

Prices start from £103 +VAT

Black PP cutlery refills also available.

Call us on 01772 780790 for more information – or discounts on multiple purchases.


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